Language School Classroom

Introduction to our courses

Key Elements of our Junior & Leaving Cert Courses:

  • Our Intensive Student-Centred Programmes mirror the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert Courses.
  • Cost effective (approx €60-€65 per day) and you can choose 1 to 3 weeks duration
  • Up-to-date, exam relevant, professionally designed course content.
  • No need for the expense and anxiety of sending them abroad – we bring the target native speaking students to you!
  • Unrivalled 1:5 staff to student ratio
  • Professional 24/7 supervision and student care.
  • Our on-course teachers are of the highest standard and are supported and monitored onsite by our Director of Studies.
  • Careful student assessment, placement, monitoring and feedback throughout their stay.
  • Amazing and unrivalled Adventure Programme to further enhance the attraction of this type of course for both parents and participants.
  • We proudly boast an enviable record of very positive feedback from parents and students with the vast majority telling us how beneficial and enjoyable the whole experience has been.
  • Horizon is a long established and reputable provider of educationally rich School and Overseas Programmes.
  • Real referrals are available in your area if you require them.





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